June 2, 2017

Free 7-day Trial of HBO on Amazon. Watch "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"

Free trial of HBO on Amazon!
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Join HBO Free Trial

I am considering the free trial to watch "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks".
Otherwise, you have to purchase it SD is $9.99 and HD is $19.99!

AcuRite Wireless Weather Center for only $6.88 - must buy online and pick up in store!

If you are looking for something for Father's Day, this wireless weather station would make a nice gift!  You can get this AcuRite Wireless Weather and Intelli-Time Clock Station for only $6.88 - you MUST order online for in-store pick up as this is over $17 if you purchase inside Walmart!
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I decided to check BrickSeek to see if it was any cheaper in my local store.  Well, it actually shows up as over $17 on BrickSeek!  You will need to order this online and pick up in-store to get the $6.88 price.  See link below to order.

Order online and pickup in store to get this amazing deal!
AcuRite Wireless Weather and Intelli-Time Clock Station only $6.88!


May 30, 2017

Kindle version boxed sets that are only 99¢!

If you like to read, here are some book "sets" that are only 99¢ on Amazon when you get the Kindle edition!
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Remember that prices can change at any time on Amazon. These are 99¢ now as I post, but I cannot predict what they will be at any time in the future.

The Penny Puss APP is having some issues ... please read this if you have the app.

The Penny Puss APP has been having some issues when it comes to updating. The editing portion (which I do) has not been functioning properly and I have not been able to update it efficiently. I am being told that the company who owns the app is looking into this.

New penny and clearance at Dollar General starting today!

There should be new pennies today at Dollar General.  I'm a bit skeptical anymore of the information that even the stores get anymore, since it is sometimes wrong.  So, remember, be cautious and realize that items may not end up being a penny.

I want to also note that I have been having recurring issues with updating the Penny Puss APP.  This has been going on for a while and I'm hoping that they finally get to the bottom of it, so that I can update it more quickly.  Thank you all for your patience.
So with that said, this is the new list.

May 29, 2017

Samsung 55" Class - 4K Ultra HD, Smart, LED TV $498 at Walmart!

Are you in the market for a 55 inch LED TV? Well, even if you didn't think you were, you might be now with this awesome deal!

The Samsung 55" Class - 4K Ultra HD, Smart, LED TV - 2160p, 60Hz is on clearance at Walmart! You can check the BrickSeek website to see if it is in stock at your store and the amount it is. When you go to the BrickSeek page, you will need to put your zip code in the block and then hit search.

This TV shows $627.99 on clearance on the Walmart.com website, but if you check the BrickSeek website, it will show how much it is in your local store.  Mine shows $498!


FREE Smiley Cookie at select Pennsylvania Eat'n Park restaurants today! See details.

Eat'n Park is offering a free Smiley Cookie to anyone who is dressed in Penguin gear on May 29th.

Stop by your local Pennsylvania Eat'n Park today dressed in your Penguin attire and get a free Smiley Cookie! This is only available at select locations while supplies last!

Check to see if your local Eat'n Park restaurant is participating.