July 22, 2017

New pennies for Tuesday, July 25th at Dollar General!

Who is ready for some pennies?

Well, this Tuesday coming up, we "should" have pennies! Gray star socks and tights as well as pink dot accessories should penny. Also, the select "As Seen on TV" that went to 90% this past Tuesday should penny.

We are not affiliated with Dollar General in any way.

You can see a list of the "As Seen on TV" items in last weeks post here:
July 18th Dollar General Clearance Markdowns

July 21, 2017

Dick's Sporting Goods clearance up to an extra 60% online and clearance racks as low as $5 in stores!

Dick's Sporting Goods has a big Clearance sale going on right now.

Check out the Dick's Sporting Goods clearance online ... some clearance is up to an additional 60% off right now! Of course, quantities are limited, so if you are looking for something such as shoes, be sure to tick the boxes on the right side of the site. This way, you only end up looking at the ones still available in your size.

Hisense Chromebook (11.6" Quad-Core Processor) $129.00.

Walmart.com has the Hisense Chromebook for only $129.
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If you are looking an inexpensive computer, this might just be your day. The Hisense Chromebook with 11.6 inch HD screen is only $129 on Walmart.com. The price may be more in your store, but although Walmart has stopped price-matching in many of their stores, they STILL price-match to their own website. So you can go in store and show them the price on Walmart.com and they should match it!


Update: I posted the 6qt yesterday ... I ended up buying the 4qt for $17.99!

After posting the 6-quart Crock-pot deal from Amazon, I found the 4-quart one for only $17.94 at Walmart.com.
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I actually prefer the 4-quart size. I know some people have larger families and need a larger Crock-pot. Anyway, I ordered this one from Walmart.

Crock-Pot 4-Quart Cook & Carry Slow Cooker

July 20, 2017

Crock-Pot 6-Quart Cook & Carry Oval Slow Cooker $20.41 free shipping with Prime!

Get this red Crock-Pot 6-Quart Cook & Carry Oval Manual Portable Slow Cooker for only $20.41 on Amazon right now .... plus free shipping with Prime!
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Walmart is no longer price-matching in their stores.

Many of you already know this, but Walmart no longer price-matches local competitors in their stores.
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Walmart.com updated their website last Friday to reflect their new policy. They are no longer price-matching local stores. You can still match a price to their own website while in store though.

To price match, they will verify the price on Walmart.com and ensure it is not a 3rd-party seller.  The item online must be in-stock as well and may be limited to one per person per day.  You can see more here at Walmart Price Match Policies.

Walmart DOES have the Saving Catcher that will match top local competitors when you input your receipt and give you back the difference on a gift card.  Just BEWARE that there are a ton of exclusions!  We don't buy a lot of canned or boxed foods, so this really hasn't done much for us.  Produce, meat, deli, seafood, office supplies, toys, appliances, housewares  ... all EXCLUDED.  The only items that are included according to their website are the following ... and there are even additional conditions that may apply:

July 18, 2017

No new pennies at Dollar General tomorrow. New markdowns.

There are new markdowns tomorrow at Dollar General. Remember that sometimes percentages vary by store.

Tuesday, July 18, we should see select As Seen on TV items going to 90% off.

July 17, 2017

San Francisco Bay One-cup pods (work with Kcup machines) 80 ct for only $23.99!

Right now, Amazon has the 80 count San Francisco Bay One-cup pods on sale for $23.99 and free shipping with Prime! This is my go-to coffee. I buy it from both Amazon and Staples - where ever I can get the best deal.
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San Francisco Bay One-cup pods - 80 ct - only $23.99
Remember that Amazon may change their prices at anytime.

Sceptre 50" LED TV $269.99 - choose in-store pick up to save on shipping!

I was doing some browsing of Walmart clearance online and came across a couple 40 and 50 inch TV's that have a some serious markdowns!
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Check out these deals.
You can get a 50 inch Sceptre TV for only $269.99 or a Hitachi Ultra HD LED TV for only $319.99!  If you are in the market for a smaller TV, there is also a 40 inch RCA LED TV for only $249.99!

Sceptre 50" Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (X505BV-F) $269.99 Clearance Special Buy Was $499.99 Save $230.00

Baby Dove Bundles that come with a $5 Walmart gift card. These would make nice gifts!

Check out the Dove Bundles for babies that Walmart has to offer!  They start at $20.41 and come with a gift card!
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Walmart has 5 different Dove "bundles" that each come with a $5 gift card. These would make nice gifts for a baby shower! Be sure to choose the 'pick up in store' option to save on shipping!