November 18, 2017

Dollar General "hidden" or unmarked clearance!

Dollar General is starting to pull all the 90% clearance including as well as the 25¢ - $2 white and yellow dot clothing, shoes, accessories to send back.

These items should still be 90% through Monday.  They may reset back to full price on Tuesday ... or they may penny.  Last year, they pennied for 2 days and then reset.  We don't know if they will be the same this year ... but we will try to post as soon as we can verify anything.

This post is dedicated to the unmarked clearance.  Since they may NOT penny, you might want to get what you can this weekend!  These are items that I have seen passed over because shoppers don't all know that they are included!

Here are screenshots from the Penny Puss APP.  If you have the Penny Puss APP, most of these items do have pictures to help you locate them.  Be sure to match the UPCs!

Last day for 50% off select toys at Dollar General with extra discount!

Today is the last day of Dollar Generals 3-day sale for 50% off select toys!

You can also combine this with the 25% off $75 or more!  Your total after the 50% off has to be over $75 though.  Plus, add the $5 off $25 digital to your account to use it too!

Police, Fire Dept, or Ambulance Swivel Car only $29.99! Free ship to store!

Head over to Walmart and check out this deal!  I have seen the swivel cars before, but didn't know that they had these specialty ones!
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This is the best price I can find too!  These usually are over $40!  Right now you can get the Police, Fire Department, or Ambulance version for only $29.99 and get it shipped to your local Walmart to save on the shipping fee!

I apologize for the Dollar General mix up, plus some useful information in finding clearance.

I want to offer my sincere apology for misinterpreting the PRP for Dollar General.
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I have been doing this a long long time and really should not have made that mistake. After looking up my last year post on what happened, I realized that I had made a big mistake. This is the post for last year at this time, if you want to refer to it: Updates on Penny Shopping at Dollar General (2016)

And, just because that is how it worked last year, does not mean that it will be the same this year, but I should have taken heed in posting that there may be pennies.  I will own that I was wrong.  This was MY mistake and not the mistake of any of our groups' admins in any way.

November 17, 2017

LAST November at Dollar General ... will history repeat itself?

Okay, that title is weird, but I thought you all might like to know what happened last year when all this stuff was supposed to be packed up and sent back.
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I found my post from last year and cut an excerpt from it.

November 16, 2017

Pennies at Dollar General Tomorrow??? UPDATE

What?  Tomorrow is Friday, and we are talking about pennies?

Thursday is the LAST day for the extra 90% off the already low clearance prices of ...

Well, they did NOT penny.  Dollar General sometimes mixes it up for us shoppers /wink/.  They are supposed to pull the items starting today and through the 20th.  Then it says that they will go back to full price starting 11/21.  So, we just interpret as well as we can.  The stores themselves don't even know sometimes  until they scan an item.  So, there are no new pennies that we know of today.

Still 90% ...

NOTE: I do NOT think that the Star Wars, Elana, Dory, and Shimmer and Shine party supplies will penny when these items penny. I believe these will go back to being 50% off. I could be wrong, but that is my best guess.

The 90% (and the $2 and under white and yellow dots) will be changed to a penny in the Penny Puss APP -  IF and WHEN it is verified sometime between now and 11/21.  That's the best we have right now!
Happy Shopping!

  • White and Yellow dot clothing, shoes, and accessories (most flip flops are excluded.)  NEW items are being put out - codes must be ss17 or BEFORE!  There are a few unmarked items following white dot that I will put in the Penny Puss APP first too so that you don't miss anything!
  • Green dot home - there are a few exclusions (if they have a code of another year, they are not included.)  There are some unmarked green dot items.  I am working on getting those items in the Penny Puss APP first too.
  • Gray star bras and underpants
  • Patriotic party supplies (if they have a code of another year, they are not included.)
  • Swim and summer - I'm trying to add the items that are most likely passed over to the Penny Puss APP first.  I am also adding items that are excluded.  There is no possible way that I can add all the clothing and shoes.  
  • Lawn and garden (Hoses, grills, coolers ... all excluded.  Also some of the really big pots are excluded.)

Some items resetting back to FULL PRICE at Dollar General.

If you have been penny shopping for a while now, you will know that many seasonal items do reset back to full price.

Typically, many of the items that are put out each season do actually reset to full price.  Not necessarily the Dollar General branded items, although they may.  But items such as stuffing mix, canned pumpkin, cookie mixes, winter printed Ziploc bags, seasonal candy, and other items that they bring back year after year, usually do go back to full price so that they can sell them again this season.  Also, there may be some gift sets that pennied last year that also are resetting.

I am trying to update the Penny Puss APP to reflect this.  Please let me know if you find items that have reset so that I can update with the new information.  Here is an example in the Penny Puss APP:

Last day for EXTRA 90% off select clearance at Dollar General!

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about what is on clearance as well as when the clearance event ends.

These are the included categories.  I will also do a breakdown of the prices following the categories that have an EXTRA 70%  NOW EXTRA 90% off already reduced prices.

White and yellow dot clothing, shoes, and acessories (by price scale)
Gray star bras and underwear (by price scale)
Green dot home (90%)
Lawn and garden (90%)
Swim and summer (90%)

Halloween is NOT included ... it was a one-day sale and I believe it glitched to give  much more off than it was supposed to.  Halloween should be 70% off and the Halloween candy should be only 50%.  This may vary.

White and yellow dot clothing, shoes, and accessories are 25¢ to $2 right now, depending on the beginning price.  The prices in red are the prices with the extra 90% off through Thursday, Nov 16.

November 13, 2017

New penny list for Dollar General Tuesday, Nov 14!

These items should penny on Nov 14 at Dollar General.  There is always a YMMV ... or may vary by store or location.
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UPDATE:  These are NOT being added in the search of the Penny Puss APP due to them being a huge YMMV.  Many people are saying they are full price while they have been verified at other locations (with receipt) at being a penny.   If you try them PLEASE PUT THEM BACK AND PUT THEM BACK NEATLY if they ring full price and you do not want them.  

These 10 items should penny tomorrow.  Tuesday, Nov 14.

Chips Ahoy Cookies big bag 3 oz 0044000006792
Nutter Butter Cookies big bag 3 oz 400035357627
Oven Baked Cookies Dutch Cocoa 8.9 oz 430000600335
Belle HW103 headwrap twisted 24576226626
Scunci 20386 G snap clips oval 8 ct 43194203864
Conair bobby pins curved brown 60 ct 74108556035
Scunci Girl 23381G Elastic w/ twin beads 10 ct 43194233816
Scunci 67403 A Bobby pins noslip blends 48 ct 43194674039
Belle HW101 Headwrap ribbinz print 3 ct 24576226589
Conair 64501N rollers self grip sm 6 ct 400029344954

12 Days of Beauty Advent Calender only $15 and FREE SHIPPING!

If you are a fan of beauty products and like to try new things, check out the 12 Days of Beauty Advent Calender at Target ... it's only $15 and ships for free right now!
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This might also be a fun gift for someone special!

Inexpensive STERLING SILVER jewelry sold by Amazon - under $10!

I personally don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I prefer sterling silver ... so that is what I usually post.
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Amazon has what is called the "Amazon Collection" and these items are sold by Amazon and NOT 3rd-party sellers.  I prefer buying from Amazon and not 3rd-party sellers because I have trust issues, especially when it comes to gold and silver jewelry.  Anway, enough of my babbling ...

Here are some good deals on Amazon right now.  These are "add on" items, which means your order has to be $25 or more to purchase these items.  Prices can change at any time.

Many times I have ordered inexpensive items and the next day the price jumps drastically!  I think they lower prices like this when the sales are slow ... then increase when they start selling again.