February 22, 2018

Lots of Dollar General pennies recently ... but note, a few may be resetting back to full price!

As always, we try to stay on top of things so that we can get the word out. I hate for anyone to take a bunch of items to the checkout that are not a penny when they think they are! This just causes problems for the store and is a little embarrassing for us.

When I started with penny shopping, there was so much misinformation out there, that I decided to try to curb that and get the real word out there. My "job" in the "penny world" is to help shoppers get items that pennied without a bunch of fuss. Just get in the store, don't make a mess, and get the RIGHT items. Unfortunately, there are a lot of penny shoppers who feel the employees job is to cater to them.  People who take a bunch of stuff to the register that they are guessing at might be a penny.  That is a BAD penny shopper. Sure, I ask for a price check or two here and there ... but usually it's not on penny items.

 I was in a store yesterday that I rarely go to and they had a huge clearance area ... with a lot of items that I knew were pennies, but unsure of others. I put all of it in my cart and opened the Penny Puss APP on my phone. I had to go up near the front of the store to get a good signal though. I was right on most of the items (as I verified in the Penny Puss APP) but I had the wrong Robitussin. So, that saved me from having to put anything back or have a manager come up to remove the item from my order. It just works much better when you know what you are doing ... and, the employees don't mind so much.

At a different store, I was a little, might I say "hurt" for being lied to yesterday by a manager. I asked for a price-check and said that if it was a penny, I wouldn't ask to purchase it as I do know the rules. I just wanted to verify. Well, she told me the item was NOT a penny ... and it actually was. If you are reading this, you know who you are. I thought you were a nice person and don't understand why you lied. Anyway, lesson learned on my part. And I wonder sometimes why I have trust issues!

So everyone, I ask that you please respect the employees and their time. Don't burden them with ringing up a bunch of stuff that you are guessing might be a penny. Don't make a mess. And, always be kind - be the better person.

Anway, I wanted to say that these 2 items that are in the Penny Puss APP that were a penny yesterday seem to be setting back to full price. It usually takes a day till all the stores are back to full price, but some will already be reset.  The Penny Puss APP is the best tool out there for up to date information on penny shopping at Dollar General.

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