February 21, 2018

Lots of new "surprise" pennies yesterday at DG!

There was a small list that stores were given yesterday for what was scheduled to penny, but it seems that many other items also pennied!

I see a lot of people getting older pennies that are already in the Penny Puss APP. I think this is because stores pulled out the clearance boxes during the last clearance event! But, there are also a lot of new pennies being found. These are also in the Penny Puss APP for the most part. There may be a couple that are not, but you can always hit the "help us" tab on the app to send us pictures of anything we don't have!  Most of the new items are being put at the bottom of the random list in the Penny Puss APP, if you have it, you can browse there before going shopping.

You do NOT have to have an app to penny shop, but you do have to match upc's to pictures people post in the groups on Facebook. Please do not take a bunch of stuff you are unsure of to the register! This wastes everyone's time.

The RIGHT way to penny shop, is to know what you are doing. Know the cycles. Know that some seasonal items reset. Take screenshots ... if you want a little extra help, buy the Penny Puss APP so you can look up items by their UPC. Remember that if you ask for a price check, many stores will not sell it to you because you are "fishing" for pennies. I have heard stories from manangers about horrible selfish penny shoppers. I am friendly with most employees at the store, but I still go by the rules. So, PLEASE know what you are doing. Taking random stuff to the register is completely ridiculous!

Join our group (in the links below).  We don't like putting all new "surprise" pennies on our website because anyone  has access.  The stores get the lists, so we have no problem with that.  The surprise pennies, however, are just that a surprise ... and the stores most likely don't know unless they are in the groups.  We try to keep employees out of our group, but unfortunately, other groups add them intentionally.

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