February 19, 2018

New markdowns and a few pennies tomorrow at Dollar General!

We have a few items that are set to penny tomorrow at Dollar General, plus some new markdowns.

Tuesday, February 20th, there are a few items on the list that are set to penny. These will be put in the Penny Puss APP in the morning. We will try to get confirmation as soon as we can to update the app.

We  also have seasonal markdowns.  These may vary slightly from store to store.  Also, see the links below if you are new to penny shopping at Dollar General.

UPDATE:  The Valentine's Hostess did NOT penny. 

Important Links:
Understanding the Basics of Penny Shopping at Dollar General
Penny Puss on Facebook
Dollar General Penny and Clearance group on Facebook
Penny Puss on Instagram - new to this!
Dollar General Shopper Penny and Clearance group on Facebook
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