March 2, 2018

Dollar General 3-day 50% off Sale!

Dollar General's 3-day sale starts today!
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Dollar General is having a 3-day sale and it looks like it is only on select seasonal merchandise.  In other words, it is not on the regular clearance section.

The sale is from Friday, 3/2 - through Sunday, 3/4.

The "extra" 50% off are on the mentioned categories that are already marked down.  Also, Fall hardware ... looks like I missed it on the graphic. 

The 50% off for   brown and purple dot as well as select electronics is half off the regular prices.

Please check with your stores as some stores have additional clearance on select toys, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Best guess is that the same electronics as last event are the ones included:
Electronics that were included in February's clearance event.

Also, same with the ASOTV, link to the list from last event:
As Seen on TV that were included in February's clearance event.

There may be additional items that we don't know about that have been marked down since the last clearance event and also included.

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