March 12, 2018

Dollar General Penny List for Tuesday!

Tomorrow's penny list for Dollar General consist of calendars and books!

BOOKS are all ringing FULL PRICE.  

I have been updating the Penny Puss APP with the calendars that I purchased at 90% off ... the UPC's are not even close to what is on the list.   

Here is the list, but please note that there will be additional UPC's not listed as most of the calendars have their own UPC.

Tuesday, March 13 Penny List

Stationery Daily Planner 2018 spiral -831524
Stationery 16 month calendar 2018 asst -831548
Stationery Weekly Planner 2018 vinyl -831562
Stationery Month Planner 2018 print -831579
Stationery to do list -831593 and other assorted
Stationery Desk Calendar 11x17 2018 -831609
Stationery color calendar 2018 -831623
Stationery monthly planner 2018 vinyl -831647
Stationery 16 month calendar 2018 -831661
Stationery weekly planner 2018 -831678
Stationery Planner 9 x 11 2018 tabbed -831692
Stationery Tween Planner 2018 -831708
Stationery Planner Moms busy -839209
$1 Value books asst titles -201711
$2 Value books asst titles -201728
$3 Value books asst titles -201735
June ABC Floorstand -201759
S17 Grilling book -201742
There will be additional UPC’s that are not on this list.

I went searching today, but could not find any of the June ABC books that are supposed to be included. I did get some pics of the Value books. Be sure to match UPC's on the books. The calendars will have additional UPC's though.

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