March 5, 2018

Lots of Pennies starting 3/6 at Dollar General!

We have a few seasonal categories as well as a short list of items that should penny tomorrow at Dollar General.

Tuesday, March 6, the following categories should penny:

Red diamond (not red triangle) are ringing up with Back to School as 1¢. There are some exclusions. The red diamond ottoman is full price.
Some red dot are also ringing 1¢ with Back to School, but home items, such as bedding and bath are still ringing 90%.

Lots of new surprise pennies are also being found.

  • Valentine's Day
  • Back to School 
  • Plus, the short list that follows.

Mixed Bush L0054 small   26259078577
Mixed Bush L0055 large 26259158262
Floral Tape L0056 green 430000483617
Lip Smacker lip balm frozen frt end ck 50051800708
Crest Complete toothpaste w/ Scope m/fresh 0.85 oz 037000385929
DG Health A0488 Cold M/Symp Sev DT 24 ct 350844503084 
Glad Press n Seal 70 sq ft 12587704417
Febreze Almond Sugar refill shade 2 ct 665098665304
Febreze Asian Woods refill shade 2 ct 665098665281
Febreze Almond Sugar Refill shade 1 ct 665098654995
Duracell Battery AAA quantum 2p fr end ck 41333101613
Fiddle Sticks girls low crew ballerina socks 3ct 684516028583
Doc McStuffin Girls 2t-3t 3ct 45299012211
True Living Candle Holder Glass Taper 665098723783
GE Headphones ultra light weight 30878106498

  • Calendars should go to 90% off.

The penny list and much of the other categories are already in the PENNY PUSS APP, as soon as we have verification in the morning, I will begin switching them over to a penny.

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