March 12, 2018

Penny Puss APP Reward Program!

We are starting a reward program for those of you who help keep our Penny Puss APP up to date!

Here is how it works:

1. You must have the Penny Puss APP. There is no way to do this without it.
2. Submit pictures of items, upc's, and receipts to earn points through the Penny Puss APP.
3. Keep track of your points and when you get to the desired level, contact us through the app to claim your reward. We will verify at that time, but you will need to keep track of the emails that are sent back to you.

These are the point-earning options right now, these may change or we may add more as we go along. Also, the program could end at any time if it is not working out.

1 point - submit a picture of a PENNY item already in the app that does not have ANY picture attached to it. You will need to submit the UPC also, so that we can look it up.
1 point - receipt proof that an item in the app currently has reset back to full price.
2 points - submit a picture of a PENNY item and a picture of the upc of that item that is NOT already in the app.
3 points - submit a picture, upc, and receipt verification of a penny item that is not in the app.
1 points - submit a picture and receipt of seasonal clearance item marked down 50% or more! (seasonal only, not core). UPDATED as of 3/15.

Only the first submission of an item will be given points. In other words, if 3 people in the same day send the same item, only the 1st one will get those points. Your emails will say how many points that you earned.

Please be sure all receipts show the date.

When you are at 50 points, you will qualify for a $5 gift card to Dollar General or a Penny Puss Coin Purse (which are extremely limited - so, while they last).  We are testing this day to day right now, so please check the Penny Puss APP updates to see if we have paused for any reasons until we can work out the kinks!

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