March 11, 2018

UPDATE on new "surprise" pennies and older pennies at Dollar General.

We have seen a FLOOD of surprise pennies since January 30th. This is in addition to the regular seasonal markdowns that have pennied.
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Recent lists have showed maybe 12 items a couple different weeks since the the end of January, but so may "surprise" pennies are being found! The stores don't even know about most of these items and that is why they are a little easier to find than "scheduled" pennies.

The 19 oz Lysol spray yellow and purple bottle both pennied, and we believe that the purple has now reset back to full price.

 The purple and black napkins with white polka dots also pennied and then reset back to full price. 

Another item that we believe has reset is the balloon treat bags that pennied recently. It has been really hard to keep up. The only way that we know something has reset is when it is found and rings up full price ... and since these items are already scarce, we sometimes don't know right away.

Sometimes it is hard to know for certain if something reset or if the shoppers reporting back are getting a similar product that never was a penny.

UPDATE:  I have been told that there is a similar product with a new UPC that is full price and these might still be a penny.  YMMV.  Let us know!


We have also seen a LOT of people with huge hauls of the A1 that pennied with summer foods. I would bet that this will reset back to full price soon for the new season.  This ALSO means that other summer food items may be resetting if they are bringing them back to sell this year!

Some of the recent "surprise" pennies are various Bobbie Brooks bras and pantyhose as well as a bunch of different slippers and frames. Just a crazy amount of items out there pennied.

This only shows a few of the upc's ... but there are a ton of items out there.  It's best to join the Facebook groups to see what others are getting and what is included and excluded.

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