April 27, 2018

Croc-style shoes ringing up 25¢ during the clearance event at DG!

If you are out shopping keep an eye out for these shoes ringing 25¢ in the Dollar General Clearance Event!
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These croc-style shoes with a lime green star are ringing 25¢ for this clearance event! These are not posted anywhere in the store - it was a surprise to the manager when she checked them!

To see more about the clearance event, see here: DG 3-day Clearance Event

This store also checked the green lime star scrubs, but they were full price. I hope you are all having a fun time out shopping today! Some items are not ringing 50% off as they should. But if they are marked clearance, they should do the extra 50% off since it is advertised. I had no problem with the stores that I went to hitting the markdown key if they didn't ring correctly. I love my local store - they are the best!

The one box says "toddler" but they are adult shoes.  Just clarifying.

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