April 26, 2018

DG Clearance Event starts tomorrow!

So, as you all probably know by now, Dollar General is having a 3-day clearance event!  I am so excited!  Clearance will be ringing up an EXTRA 50% off!
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I want to note that just because an item is discontinued in the system, it does not mean that it will ring clearance.  The stores are usually good about overriding ORANGE clearance tags, however, because they are posted to be included.  Yellow tags that ring full price even though they are in the clearance area may or may not be overridden.  It will be the stores call on this one.

Remember that some stores will not have these items.

Extra 50% will be off brown dot home, fall/winter clothing including red diamond, blue dot, gray dot, Easter, fall/winter hardware, select ASOTV, and clearance aisle!  Also, blue star toys should be half off.

Here are just some of the items that are discontinued and should be an extra 50% off during the event (You may need to click on each list to make it larger to see):

I have started adding coupon links, but if you know of any additional, please comment so I can get them added!

You can search for coupons here: Coupon Database LINK

Chocolate Fudge Poptarts
$2 off 4 Poptarts and $2 off 4 Kellogg's Cereal

Scott 8=12 Paper towels
$1 off Scott Paper Towels 6 or more rolls
There are also Poise and a Kotex coupon on that link, I printed them too ... you can never have too many feminine products!

Save $1.00 any ONE (1) Suave Professionals® Shampoo or Conditioner Hair Care product (excludes 2 oz. trial and travel sizes and twin

Suave Professionals
DG Digital $1 off 1 Suave Professionals

DG Digital $2 off 2 Aussie

Shea Moisture
Insert coupon - click to find out which insert
$2 Shea Moisture Checkout 51 rebate


DG Digital Head and Shoulders
DG Digital Pantene
DG Digital Depends

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