May 7, 2018

Dollar General Penny List for Tuesday, May 8!

Yes, it's going to be a penny Tuesday!
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Remember that YMMV. This is what the stores are being told to pull today to return back to the warehouse, so these should all be pennies tomorrow!

I was looking at my post from this time LAST year ... some items pennied and others stayed at a quarter. It wasn't fixed until the next day. I hope we don't have another day like that!

Please note that the blue dot bibs, baby wash cloths, and bottles are NOT included.

NON-dotted Bobbie Brooks Jeans in blue denim or black are also INCLUDED.  These will not have any symbol on them.  The UPC-tag is stitched onto the waistband or on the long size sticker on the leg.  These do NOT have a symbol.

The other clothing must have the correct symbols - and there are actually quite a few clothing items being found that could be for summer!  I have bought shorts and short sets with these symbols!  So, look at all the tags!

Here are some of the summer type items that are included.  But be sure to check the symbol on the tag.  Similar items are being put out with different symbols and are full price.

I believe these were red triangle.

These Ninja Turtle creepers are blue dot!

Cute toddler dresses included!

I just wanted to give a couple examples to give you an idea of what to look for.

Accessories include socks, purses, keychains, pens, and more! These are items most likely found in the purse area, not in the toys - but could be found other places like around the checkout area. Toys are not included.

Here are some items to look for, but remember they must have the correct symbols:

I stress making sure you have the correct symbol, because Dollar General has similar items that they replace the clearance with.

The duck on the left is white dot and full price.  The duck on the right is blue dot and 25¢ (fixin' to be a penny tomorrow!)

Also, included to penny tomorrow are Hanes brand sweatpants, sweatshirt, and hoodies.  These do not have a dot or symbol on them. The neon ones are EXCLUDED.

Additional items that have been marking down with the fall/winter clothing, shoes, and accessories but not indicated in the flyers for the markdowns are as follows:

Bobbie Brooks gray star single pair socks with FW17 on them - not the 18 date, those would be new. You can find the UPC's in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder along with the green star croc-style shoes that are marking down with these categories too.  So, these SHOULD all be a penny tomorrow!

If you have the Penny Puss APP, these gray star socks are listed under the blue dot, gray dot, red triangle category.  UPC's are listed where the red arrow is pointing in the Penny Puss APP, I could not get them in the screenshot.  These are 25¢ right now and I will change over to a penny tomorrow when they are verified.

If you are new at penny shopping, you might want to start with the "lesser known" items. The single pair socks will probably be a little easier to find, in my opinion, since they are not listed for the stores to pull. Also, the green star croc-style shoes.

For the croc-style shoes, you will want to look for these with the GREEN STAR:

The green star shoes have their own categories in the Penny Puss APP.  Pictures of each color along with the UPC's are also in the app.  The 25¢ graphic will be removed tomorrow when they are verified as a penny.

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