May 14, 2018

New pennies at Dollar General for May 15 - plus additional markdowns!

We have a handful of new pennies starting tomorrow at Dollar General!
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The following is a list of items that should penny tomorrow at Dollar General:

Whole UPC's will be searchable in the Penny Puss APP (with DG Penny Finder) sometime later today and will be switched over to a penny tomorrow when they are confirmed.

Other markdowns include:

Pictures and full UPC's are in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder.
You will have to click the item in the app to see the additional information.

We are also being told that Purple Dot will start it's markdown process  - beginning at 25% and Mother's Day should be at 50%.

The Mother's Day balloons were supposed to penny today, but I have not been out and also have not seen other verification on this.

Remember YMMV.  All clearance and pennies can vary.  Nothing is guaranteed.

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