May 14, 2018

Pacon Wet'n Stick Art Tape - I definitely recommend this!

I know the price tag may seem a little steep, but if you have ever used paper mache, you will appreciate this for two reasons. One, the mess is way less than if you are using paper mache ... and two, the tape is already colored.
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Check out this Pacon Wet N' Stick Art Tape on Amazon!  This pack contains 10 rolls of tape.  You tear or cut into strips and then wet and stick.  It's that easy!

My granddaughter is almost 4 and she enjoyed our project of covering a balloon with this tape.  We  had to hang them to dry until the next time she comes over ... but will finish into either masks or some type of pinatas.

You can see my review here: Review of Pacon Wet n' Stick Tape

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