May 1, 2018

Tuesday pennies at Dollar General!

For Tuesday, May 1st we have penny and quarter items!
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Easter should penny today as well as the Hostess Spring cakes! Fall and winter hardware should penny too! 

Easter is NOT yet in the Penny Puss APP, it is pretty easy to spot though.  Some books and videos in Easter boxes are not included!

Fall and winter  hardware ARE in the Penny Puss APP and they are updated UPC's as the list that the stores received was not completely correct.

You can find the Fall/Winter hardware chart here:

Fall and winter hardware chart with pictures - If you don't have the Penny Puss APP, screenshot the pictures for in store use!

Also, the clothing with the b&b Boutique tags that should go to a quarter are the red and green stars.  It is the following tag.  I saw so many people confused on this.  It is NOT Bobbie Brooks, it's the tag below.  And, be careful as it's only the FW17 that were ringing clearance to begin with - prior years were ringing full price, so will most likely not be a penny either.  See the date to the left under "Everyday Great Value" on the tag.

In addition to those tags - fall/winter clothing, shoes and accessories should also go to 25¢ (I have seen others say 50¢), but we were told 25¢.  YMMV

The following chart is what to look for for fall/winter clothing:

Other items that seem to be following this markdown are the green star croc-type shoes.  These should be 25¢ starting today.  Remember that YMMV - your mileage may vary - and your store may have different prices!  We have no affiliation with Dollar General and report to the best of our knowledge.

Also, the gray star FW17 Bobbie Brooks SINGLE pair of socks.  Remember that details are important. 

As far as we know, brown dot stays the same.  You can always do a price check to see if it has changed.  We haven't seen it too much recently, but sometimes it varies by store.

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