May 8, 2018

UPDATE on pennies for Dollar General for today!

Some items may still be at 25¢ today!
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According to the Dollar General website, some items have stayed at a quarter and others have pennied! In my post yesterday, I mentioned that this also happened last year and it took an additional day for all the included items to ring a penny. I want you to know this when you head out ... because if you grab 25¢ items and ask them to take them off because you don't want to pay that price, they will probably pull them at that time.


If an item does not ring a penny, you cannot get it for a penny.

If you did not see the list I put out yesterday, it is here:
Penny List for May 8 at Dollar General

Here is a screenshot from the DG website:

Personally, anything that I would go ahead and buy most of the stuff at a quarter.  If it's not worth my quarter ... then I probably don't want it for a penny either.  Just my opinion.

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