June 15, 2018

Quest 10 x 10 Instant Canopy only $39.99 and FREE shipping!

My husband just said a few days ago that we need to start looking for a new canopy!  The one that we have now, I have used for a few years at flea markets, farmer's markets, and even in the yard!  It really is still pretty good, but since I didn't tie it down one time, it was blown into the street and ripped the material.  It still works great to keep out of the sun, but it's no longer good when it rains.
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Anyway, enough history about my old canopy!  I just ordered a brand new one for only $39.99 and it qualified for FREE shipping!  If you need it sooner, you can check your stores to see if they have it available to order online and pickup.  (You want to order online to get the extra 3.5% back).

We use affiliate links to help fund our site.

Be sure to go through Ebates to get 3.5% cash back!  If you aren't already signed up for Ebates, sign up and get a $10 reward when you make your first qualifying purchase!

Just click through this link:  Get a $10 reward when you sign up for Ebates - see details on their site!  Then search for "Dicks Sporting Goods" and go to the site ... you will be looking for a "Quest Canopy".

There is a 20% off coupon right now that comes off automatically and because the total was $49.99 before the coupon, it also qualifies for free shipping!

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