July 9, 2018

If you are not already in our DG Penny Shopping group, please join!

Hi everyone!  If you are looking for a friendly penny shopping group for Dollar General, please join ours!
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We are not bullies, we won't publicly humiliate you.  We try to provide a helpful and kind environment to anyone who wants to talk about penny shopping.  We run our group with integrity, so please don't post any deals with coupons that are not legit.

We ask that you answer the two questions when you request to join, otherwise, you might not be added.

Come join our friendly group here:

*Friendly* DG Penny Shopping with Penny Puss
Facebook Group · 31,445 members
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Penny Puss is the leader in personal integrity for RESPONSIBLE penny shopping at Dollar General with free up to date lists on penny shopping and clear...

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