July 11, 2018

Sign up for Amazon Prime Pantry and get $10 off your first order ... and possibly a MUCH better deal!

You have to have Prime to get this deal on Prime Pantry. Get a free-trial of Prime Pantry where you get free shipping on Prime Pantry orders of $40 or more ... but it gets better!  You can also sign up for a free trial of Prime!  See the awesome details below - I got my order for almost 50% off with additional savings available!
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You get a free box of Cheerios with $40 Prime Panty order and possibly a discount of $6 off 5 items, if you get certain "select" items, like I did. Your total has to be $40 BEFORE the coupons are taken off .. this helps to get your out of pocket lower!

Before I explain the whole deal and the step by step, I want to let you know that Prime Day is starting July 16th ... sign up now! You can get a free trial of Prime here:

Okay, back to the Prime Pantry deal. Prime Pantry is for groceries.  You must have Prime first ... then follow these steps for Prime Pantry:

1. Right now there is a free 30 day trial of Prime Pantry ... you have to have already have PRIME.
go here to sign up for the prime pantry trial ---> Sign up for a free-trial of Prime Pantry and get $10 off your first order!

2. Add $40 worth of stuff to your cart INCLUDING these Cheerios ----> Free Cheerios with Prime Pantry order of $40 or more.

3. This is optional ... look at items that qualify for $6 off 5 select items ... Get $6 off when you purchase 5 select items - but it definitely is good savings if you find 5 of the items that you want.

4. Remember that your total needs to be $40+ BEFORE any coupons are taken off. Go to your cart and start the check out process.

This is my order, the Seventh Generation dish soap is my regular brand and this is definitely a stock up deal. It was included in the $6 off 5 select items.

5. Enter code PANTRY at checkout.
Be sure that your $4.79 comes off for the cheerios
Be sure the $10 comes off total
Be sure that the shipping is taken off (-7.99)
Be sure if you choose from the select items that you get $6 off 5 items.

Any questions, just let me know.

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