August 16, 2018

Select storage bins are 50% following Red Dot Sale at Dollar General!

Select storage bins are included with the 50% off red dot sale going on at Dollar General through Saturday!
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Check out these 80 quart storage tubs for only $3.75!


You really can never have enough storage bins!  Great for back to school or for storing those penny hauls!  See more about penny shopping here: Dollar General Penny Shopping

This red dot sale includes not only storage bins, storage drawers, and storage lockers but bath towels, bedding, and other household merchandise.

These are unmarked but they are following the red dot sale.  If you are not sure, just ask for a price check.

If you can find this particular red dot pillow, it's only $1 after the 50% off sale!

Look at all this great back to school stuff including storage solution items and necessities for college!  This is a sale you really don't want to miss.  For best selection, shop now, or take your chances and wait to use the $5 off $25 Dollar General Digital Coupon!


The blue and pink hangers are included and are ringing 62¢ a pack!  I bought about 10 packs yesterday because my husband keeps saying we need hangers.  I keep putting it off, saying that I will get rid of some clothes to free up hangers.  Well, I finally bought the hangers.

Remember that merchandise may vary from store to store.

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