August 23, 2018

Summer BBQ Food and Drinks 70% at Dollar General!

So, there have been lots of people asking for a list of the "summer bbq" markdowns at Dollar General. I have seen a lot of confusion about this too.

Dollar General does this every year and it's a list of mostly drinks and different freezer pops.  I was hoping to finish verifying all UPC's but time is ticking away ... so I will post the almost-finished list below.
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First off, all verified items are already in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder. They are marked as 70% so you do not confuse them with the penny items in the app. I will update the last few as they are verified.

The summer BBQ list is 70% off now, but will be an extra 50% off during the End of Summer Sale and Clearance event!

If you missed the post on the 50% off sale and clearance event, you can see it here:
Dollar General 50% off Sale and Clearance "End of Season" Event

Happy Drinks 20 packs ae 90¢ now, but will be 45¢ Friday through Sunday!
Slush Puppie freezer pouches regular price $1, now 30¢ - Friday through Sunday will only be 15¢!  I think you get the idea!  You can click on the list to see it bigger.

I purchased some items the last couple days, because I wanted to be sure I got them before they sell out.  I will be out Friday morning looking for more though!

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