August 29, 2018

72 Kcups Green Mountain Sumatra Reserve only $28! Free Prime shipping.

This seems like a pretty good deal on Green Mountain Sumatra Reserve Kcups, especially since it is organic and fair-trade.  This deal comes out to 39¢ per Kcup!
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I'm going to tell you straight up, that I am partial to San Francisco Bay OneCups, but we all like different things.  I used to buy OneCups on Amazon, but had to switch over to the company's website because they all seem to be sold by 3rd party sellers at an increased price.

Anyway, back to this deal.  You can get 72 Kcups of Green Mountain Sumatra Reserve for only $28 when you "clip" the coupon under the price of the item.  You will see the savings at checkout.

This qualifies for free Prime Shipping, but you can also do a Subscribe and Save order which also ships free.

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