August 28, 2018

DG digital coupons $2 off $10 and more!

Be sure to check your Dollar General digital coupons.
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There are three "dollars off" coupons for this week available on Dollar General's digital coupons.

If you are new to DG digital coupons, you sign up for an account and "clip" the coupons that you want to use. Then, you put the phone number associated with that account in on the keypad at the register when you check out.

These are one-time use coupons. The $2 off $10 expires Saturday, then there is a $5 off $25 for Friday, and a $5 off $25 for Saturday.

There is also a $3 off a Febreze Plug Scented Oil Warmer, making it free. 

Be sure to clip them soon as sometimes they disappear!

Also, if you didn't see, we have additional pennies today!

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