August 20, 2018

Penny list for Dollar General!

We have a penny list for tomorrow! I am guessing people will be finding "surprise" pennies too. That usually happens when a bunch of random items penny. So keep a good watch in the Facebook group for new confirmed items tomorrow.
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If you are new to penny shopping, please visit the penny shopping post and watch the video.  Basics of Penny Shopping at Dollar General

The list is in the Penny Puss APP, but will not be searchable by UPC until morning. You can look under latest updates.

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You should be able to click on the list to see them bigger.  The items with asterisks are the UPC's found in store.  Sometimes DG gets the numbers wrong.  These are our "best guess" ... and YMMV.

A few things to remember. 
1. They are not supposed to let you go back for more - they only have to sell you what is in your cart.
2. If you ask for a price check they do not have to sell to you.
3. You should not have a "bunch of stuff that didn't work" ... you should have some idea what you are doing.

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Penny list for Tuesday, Aug 21

All UPC's will be searchable in the Penny Puss APP by morning.

•Gourmet Mini Lollipop Medley original 20 ct 654954221822

•Hershey Layer Cookie Vanilla peg 2.8 oz 34000343317

•Lancaster Vanilla/ Caramel Peg bag 2.9 .4000103881

•Lemonhead Chewy Candy Theater Box 5 oz 400029577024 041420126567 *

• Now and Later Mini Bars Asst Flavors 12 oz 041420017223

• Sweet Smiles D0130 Pretzels Yogurt 5 oz 075186014059*

• Sweet Smiles D0339 Choc Bts PB filled dark 4.25 oz 819077018968

• Sweet Smiles Select D0349 Bark Peanut Pretzel 4.7 oz 77290681325

• Sweet Smiles D0064 Root Beer 9 oz 2367492802

• Sweet Smiles D0091 dinner Mints 5 oz 23637015735 041412211905 *

• Sweet Smiles D0341 Candy Gummy Sour Burger 3.17 oz 855858506033 *

• Sweetarts Chewy Sours Pouch 11 oz 79200395155

• Sweetarts Gummies Peg Bag 305 oz 400035080099

• Trolli Very Berry Theater Box 3.5 oz 041420077012 *

• Twizzler Sweet & Sour Bites Peg Bag 3.25 oz 34000502165

• Welch’s Fruit & Yogurt Strawberry CS 4.25 oz 34856425861

•Wrigley Gum Extra Peppermint 3ct 22000112507