August 15, 2018

Possibly FREE Egg McMuffin when you purchase McCafe Kcups! See details!

I was just browsing the coffee aisle yesterday looking for the coffee that pennied at Dollar General and I saw this offer for a free egg McMuffin on the McCafe kcup box!
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If you missed out on the PENNY COFFEE at Dollar General, you might still be able to get in on this deal!

The 12 count McCafe kcups is on sale for only $5.95, plus there is a $1.25 Checkout 51 rebate right now! Sign up for Checkout 51 and check out this offer! These coupons were also on the bigger boxes and those would not be as good of a deal.

After you purchase the coffee, you go online and enter the code. The coupon is supposed to be emailed within 24 - 48 hours. I have not received my coupon yet and did this last night.

So, essentially (after rebate) you get a 12 pack of kcups and an Egg McMuffin for only $4.70 if you can find the smaller box with the offer! I hope that I don't have to remind people NOT to remove the offer unless you purchase the coffee. Also, these may be at other stores too, I just happened to pick mine up at DG.

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