August 18, 2018

Sterling Silver Jewelry and Pearls under $15 with Prime!

Amazon prices change quite frequently, and I try to catch the best deals that are under $15 at the moment to share with you. Sometimes these go a little lower, and sometimes they jump way up in price. If you see something you love ... get it when the price is right!
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If you are like me and like sterling silver jewelry, check out these deals! 

The dancing gem necklaces are really nice - I have ordered a couple of these for gifts in the past. The stones move when the person wearing it moves, making it sparkle a lot.  This blue topaz dancing gem necklace is under $11 right now! And, yes, it is sterling silver!

Another necklace that I find attractive, is this green created-emerald necklace. Whether you just like green or your birthstone is emerald, this heart is pretty.

And if you like pearls, here is an 18 inch freshwater pearl necklace for just under $15!

If you want to see all my pics for $15 and under sterling silver jewelry on Amazon, you can go to my Penny Puss Influencer page. This is where I update what I feel are the best deals on Amazon.

Penny Puss Influencer - right now, there are over 100 items that I have added to this list that are all under $15 and sterling silver.

You can also get free Prime shipping.

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