August 31, 2018

The Pioneer Woman 6-Piece Storage Container Set $8.62

I have a similar set of these with red lids and I absolutely love them! I prefer glass to plastic any day for storage. These are cute, but I don't recommend microwaving with the lid. I ruined one this way.
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Walmart has the The Pioneer Woman Flea Market 6-Piece Storage Container Set for $8.62 right now! Ditch the plastic containers, they just don't last. Get yourself a set of these.

They make a nice gift as a set, or bake some cookies or make some homeade candy and put them in just one as a gift. You can even add a bow on top.

These are nice enough to use as serving bowls too, so you don't have to dirty extra dishes to put the leftovers away!


These may be available for in store pickup depending on your location.

You might also be interested in The Pioneer Woman Garland 10-Inch Pie Pan that is clearance right now. 

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