September 9, 2018

$1 or less at Dollar General this week!

Check out the deals you can get this week at Dollar General for a buck or less!
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There are 4 deals you can get this week at Dollar General for only $1 or less. You don't even need paper coupons, just digitals.

If you don't have a digital account with Dollar General, head on over to and sign up. When you get to Dollar General, you need to remember to put your phone number associated with the account in the pin pad at the register.

The digital have to be manually added to your account, don't expect them to just be in there. You have to select them.

The first one is Tide Pods.  There is a $2 digital coupon for Tide Simply Pods.  The price of the small bag is $2.95 - so it would be 95¢ after digital coupon!

The second item is Bic Disposable razors Silky Touch 10-pack or Comfort 3 4-pack and the price of either of these is $3 on sale this week.  There is a $2 digital that will work on either of these, leaving you with paying on $!

The 3rd item is a large bottle of Palmolive dish soap.  Purchase either the 32.5 oz Palmolive Oxy or the 52 oz original or Apple Pear for $3 and use the $2 digital coupon.  You will only end up paying $1 for this item too!

The last item is Centrum 60-count box of vitamins for $5, which you can use the $4 off digital coupon for.  This again, will leave you paying only $1 for this item.

While you are out shopping these deals, why not search a little for penny items? If you are new to penny shopping at Dollar General, see for helpful links on how to find out basics as well as getting the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder!

If we have a new penny list, it will be posted in the app and on our website by Monday night most weeks.

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