September 9, 2018

$2 off select 4th & Heart Ghee on Amazon. Free Prime shipping!

Amazon has a new coupon for $2 off select 4th & Heart Ghee!
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If you are on the Keto or a low carb diet this might want to check this out! I am no expert on either diet, but a lot of people in the Keto and low carb groups talk about eating ghee.

It DOES work on the Garlic one with only buying only ONE.  Some require a minimum quantity of 2 though.

What is ghee?
Ghee is clarified butter that has the milk removed and is considered lactose-free.

Head on over to Amazon and see which 4th & Heart Ghee items are included in this coupon deal. There are jars and single-serving packs available. Be sure to clip the $2 coupon under the price. The coupon will be deducted at checkout on qualifying items.

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