September 12, 2018

Business Owners get a Staples Coupon for $25 off $50 or more!

This offer is for business owners only!  Right now, Staples is offerering business owners a $25 off $50 coupon to sign up for a business account!
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I just did this last night and received an email with the coupon in it!

You will have to verify that you are a legitimate business owner by sending them a copy of select documents. I uploaded a picture of my Penny Puss DBA paperwork. You might want to get in on this quick! Who knows when they will stop giving out coupons.

Just go to and look around a bit and see if a popup comes up ... that's how it worked for me.  The picture above is similar to what you are looking for.  Then click and fill out the information. Otherwise, you can go to this link and try, but you may or may not get a coupon this way.

Staples Business Account

It does not cost anything to sign up for a business account.

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