September 3, 2018

No new pennies for Dollar General tomorrow, but new 90% markdowns.

Unfortunately there are not new scheduled pennies for tomorrow at Dollar General.  I am actually  happy about this because my granddaughter just went home ... and I'm ready to call it a night!  She's almost 4 with tons of energy!
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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I know I did! So this is our new clearance:
Summer BBQ foods is supposed to go to 90%. The list follows.  You can click on it to see it larger.

You can still look for previous pennies. Check out the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder if you need a little help. We suggest using this in conjunction with out group. Our Facebook group can be found here:  Friendly DG Penny Shopping wtih Penny Puss.

If you are new to penny shopping, it is best to go to this link to find out the basics.  It really helps with questions.  Penny Shopping.

The summer BBQ is marked as 70% in the Penny Puss APP and will be changed over to 90% as soon as it's verified in the morning.

As with all deep discount clearance, these items may be sold out already.  Look high and low and look where similar core items are kept.  These items could be anywhere.

Happy Shopping!

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