September 14, 2018

Walmart Frozen Food Clearance Still Going On!

Walmart's grocery clearance is still going on. I did a grocery order yesterday and while a couple items were not available, it does look like they restocked some items!
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First off, if you have never ordered for grocery pickup, you can get $10 off your 1st order ($50 or more) when you click through my link.

Walmart Grocery Get $10 off $50 for new customers!

After your first order, you can also refer your friends to get more coupons! This is what I ordered:

There were 2 substitutions.  

The meatballs on clearance for $4 were out of stock, so they substituted with Rosino Meatballs that are $5.86, but still charged the $4 price.

The Ball Park cheese and bacon burgers were on clearance for $2, but were out of stock, so they substituted with the plain Ball Park burgers which were full price of $7.14!

There were 2 items that were out of stock that they did not substitute, that was Yankee Candles and Sam's Choice Meatballs.  

I went to Walmart the night before looking for some of these deals and while I did find some, I could not find others.  They still showed them as available, so I took a chance on ordering.  They seemed to be able to locate items that I could not.

This is one item I could not find in the store, but they did find it for my order!  Family-size Michael Angelo's Baked Ziti!

I also got 4 packs of blue canning jars for only 90¢!
Remember that clearance is different from store to store. I would suggest going over to Walmart Grocery and searching for items that I have mentioned, like ziti, burgers, frozen chicken, canning jars, and meatballs.

I also got some of these burritos in store that were only 25¢ each!

Do random searches in the frozen food ... or go on over to your Walmart and look closely at the tags in the freezer area!  You never know what deals you may find!

Oh, and one more item that I found on clearance, but didn't buy is the Welch's Sparkling Juice!

And, as I said, before - clearance and availability may vary by store! 

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Happy shopping!

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