October 26, 2018

Dollar General Penny List for Oct 30th!

Lookout, we have a new penny list!
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Guess what you all! We have new pennies for next Tuesday!

These items will be searchable in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder before stores open on Tuesday. There is no early activation for these items.  If you have the app, the list is posted in the update but not searchable yet ... the UPC's will be searchable before stores open on Tuesday.

If you are new to penny shopping, please see this link for helpful information: Penny Shopping at Dollar General

If you don't have the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder, check out how easy it is to use:

I don't have time at the moment to search for pics, but you can probably google the Depends UPC's to get an idea.

I will update any changes in clearance if there are any and as I find out.

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