November 1, 2018

Halloween Hostess boxed cakes pennied today at Dollar General!

The Halloween Hostess have been confirmed as pennies today!
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The Hostess Halloween GlowBalls, ScaryCakes, and Chocolate Cake Twinkies pennied today!  I got 18 boxes at one store, and gave 9 away already.

We weren't sure if these would penny or not, so I ran out this morning to see if there were any left on the shelf and I got lucky!  I had to hurry back because I was waiting on my shipment from Get Maine Lobster!  Check out the Groupon deals here: Save up to 54% on Lobster and other Seafood.

If you have the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder, you should have had a beep on your phone which was a notification from the app saying that they have been confirmed and added.

You can find out more about the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder at or search the app stores for Penny Puss.

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