November 10, 2018

More HOT Prime Pantry Deals! Add items and check out the savings!

Another day and more deals with Prime Pantry!
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I found a few more inexpensive items that qualify for $6 off 5 - make great deals right now!  There are some Jello boxes that are qualifying, giving a little overage onto your other items!  See deal scenerios.

So here is the deal. Sign up here for Prime Pantry free-trial.  If it does not offer sign up immediately, just add items to your cart and when you get to checkout, it should offer it to you if you have not used it before now.

Then, you will only need a minimum of $10 order for shipping instead of $35! Check out these deal scenerios with buy 5 select products and get $6 off!

Here is an example scenerio:

Clip all coupons on the items pages and add 5 of the select products with a total of $10 on your page!  

Buy 3 of the  Jello from above for your Thanksgiving cranberry salad, plus 1 Special K Red Berries, and 1 Family-size Frosted Flakes for breakfast for your visiters! 

Another scenerio: Purchase 4 of the  Jello above and 1 Colgate! You will need to clip the 30% off coupon under the price of the Colgate.

Again, you will need to purchase the 5 of the promo items to get the extra savings. 

Remember that these are just my scenerios and you can make your own!  For the best deals, combine the $6 off 5 select items with other coupons.

Additional good deals on Prime Pantry:

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If you don't have Prime, you can also see if you qualify for a free-trial here:

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