November 5, 2018

No new pennies at Dollar General - keep looking for the 90%+ clearance.

So, as far as we know, there are no new scheduled pennies tomorrow at Dollar General. You can still look for the 90% off clearance and past pennies.
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While there are no new scheduled pennies, you can still be on the lookout for the 90 off clearance and yellow and white dot apparel, and yellow dot accessories that are marked down. The white dot accessories are not included.

These are some of the yellow dot accessories that I have been getting for 25¢ each!

90% off lawn/garden, green dot home, and pink square swim summer. Also the yellow and white dot apparel are $2 and under and the yellow dot accessories are on a sliding scale too. Most yellow dot accessories $3 and under are ringing 25¢. Summer "Must Have" shoes are 50¢ or less. There are some exclusions.

The 90% off "books" are not books, they are activity sets and they are in the Penny Puss App with DG Penny Finder under 90%. There is also a short list of As Seen on TV that is in the Penny Puss APP under that heading but not yet searchable by UPC.

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