March 30, 2018

B1G1 FREE select toys on sale at Dollar General! See details.

Hot toy sale going on at Dollar General!

Head on over to your local Dollar General store and check out the toy sale! You can get b1g1 free on toys with tags showing blue dot, blue star, or yellow dot! You are looking for these symbols below the price on the tag.

Flamingo Pool Float Raft on clearance for only $12 - choose in-store pickup!

Nothing like a new toy for the pool!

Head on over to and grab a flamingo or two! These are only $12 right now! With summer coming, it's an amazing price!

UPDATED list /chart of 90% off electronics at Dollar General.

I see so many questions about which ones, that I thought I would put a chart together to help figure out which ones are 90%.

The UPC's that are verified are at the top of the list. Just match the last 5. The diamonds noted are what we have seen people get in THAT particular item. Most of the 90% off are blue diamonds. If the UPC's match and it's a different color it is INCLUDED. The register scans the UPC and does not care what color coding is on the tag. A couple items as you can see from the chart have been found at 90% off with a different color diamond. That does not mean that ALL gold diamonds are included ... or ALL red diamonds are included.

March 29, 2018

Value Valley Pennies at Dollar General! Run!

There is a new list of Value Valley items that pennied on March 29th!

I you are heading out, stop at your Dollar General and see if you can find any of these items!
These are usually found in the $1 aisle, but could also be in the clearance area.

March 28, 2018

Picture chart of 90% off seasonal kids books to look for at Dollar General!

Here is an updated visual list of the books included in the seasonal markdowns that are ringing 90% right now.

March 27, 2018

Select Hostess cakes DID penny today at Dollar General!

UPDATE to the Tuesday markdowns at Dollar General!
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The select Hostess cakes did penny today!

March 26, 2018

MD Sports Easy Assembly 48 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table $15. Choose in store pick up!

Check out this deal on an air powered hockey table!
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This folding hockey table is almost 50% off it's original price! This would make a nice family Easter gift for those with young children.  It's only $15 ... down from $29.65.

Stock up with 20 bags of All Free and Clear pods for $2 a bag and free shipping to your house!

I personally use All free and clear detergent, both in the pod and liquid form. Right now I am stocked up ... so I won't be taking advantage of this deal, but someone may benefit, so I am posting.
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1 gallon garden sprayer only $5 - plus pick up in store to save shipping charges!

It's almost time to start working outside! Get ready and grab one of these 1 gallon sprayers for only $5!
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This is my favorite time of year. I love when the snow and cold goes away and I can start working in the garden! I don't use chemicals in my garden or lawn, but I do spray vinegar on the weeds in the sidewalk. The small sprayer I bought at Dollar General runs $4 ... this one is much bigger and only a buck more! I think it's going to be worth it just so I don't have to keep refilling a small one.

Better Homes and Gardens 6-piece towel set only $13.19. Free in-store pickup!

Walmart has these 6-piece towel sets for only $13.19 right now!  A few are still at the $27 price, so look through the colors.
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When you get to the site, it says out of stock, so you have to go to the dropdown box and choose "6 piece set" ... then you can see the price of $13.19.  As I said, there are a couple still at regular price though ... but a lot of colors to choose from at this clearance price.

KY Jelly as low as 77¢ at Walmart with printable coupon!

This is a simple deal. Just print the coupon and head to your local Walmart. Remember that prices may vary by store.
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March 25, 2018

Tuesday's Clearance Markdowns for Dollar General!

If you haven't hit up your stores yet, you might want to go out Tuesday Morning!  Hopefully there is something left for you!
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Dollar General has some great new markdowns starting Tuesday, March 27 (and no, because I know someone will ask, they do not have early activation on clearance).

Scott Paper Towels 60 rolls for for $22 shipped! (or better deal if you buy 120 rolls - see details!)

This is a deal for those of you who want to stock up on paper towels, but don't like to use coupons.
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UPDATE:  This stopped working a bit earlier ... but seems to be working again.  Get in while you can.  Doesn't hurt to try!

You can get 60 rolls of Scott paper towels (ten 6-packs) for only $22 plus tax on Dollar General's website right now.