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The Penny Puss APP  with DG Penny Finder is for help on-the-go with Penny Shopping at Dollar General!

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You can now purchase it from any of the major app companies.  If you have an iPhone, you can get it here:

See below for more information and links to the other app stores.

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If you have an android phone, you can either get it in the Google Play store or from Amazon:

Before purchasing it, we do ask that you view the video on how it works.  All items are manually entered.  It will not show you items that are not a penny with a few exceptions.
This app does NOT have a UPC scanner.

I want to first say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helps me with pictures and UPC's.  The Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder wouldn't be as good as it is without all of the help.

Secondly, I would like to say that I am sorry in advance that EVERY penny item is not in the app.  This isn't even conceveibly possible.  I work very hard to get the app updated and quickly, sure there have been a couple times that some "unforseen circumstance" got in the way and I didn't get things updated as quickly as possible.  Everything that is in the app is updated and verified.  Sometimes items do reset back to full price, but we cannot change them unless we know about it.

In the next few months white and yellow dot clothes are most likely going to go to rock bottom clearance (and most likely penny).  For us to have every single item is not even possible - that is why the app is best used with Facebook groups - this way you can see what people are getting and what items are excluded.

This app is an in-store tool.  It is best used with Facebook Groups and our Lists.

Important Links:
Understanding the Basics of Penny Shopping at Dollar General
Lists updated each week with old lists back to mid 2014 - remember that some items reset.  You can get an idea of the patterns if you study the lists though.
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Contact Information

Please watch the video below to see how it works BEFORE purchasing the app.
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This Penny Puss "Penny Shopping" App is a guide only of past confirmed penny items at Dollar General.  Please note that penny shopping is never guaranteed!  Dollar General could stop this at any time.  We have no control over it.  We just try to keep the list and app updated with the confirmed finds.  And, as always, items may vary from one Dollar General to another and they also may reset back to full price at any time.

There are many groups on Facebook that you can get information from.  The benefit of this app is that it is for use in-store.  It is absolutely NOT complete with all penny items, we can only add what we have access to.

For example, we  may have the UPC's for 2 sizes of a particular outfit, but we didn't get any other sizes, so we don't have that info.

But, at this updated (8/31/2017), there are over 7800 items in the app.  And more is being added as we get verification.  We are in no way affiliated with Dollar General.

We also rely on users LIKE YOU to send us pictures and pictures of receipts through the app to help keep it updated.  You can use the "contact us" to let us know when something that we have listed as a penny resets.  You can also use the "share" tab at the bottom to share a UPC w/ picture of the item and picture of the receipt to verify a penny item that we don't have.

The charge is a 1 time fee.

Not all entries have pictures as we only use pictures  that we take ourselves or pictures that others allow us to use.  We take pride in not infringing on other people's property.

Please watch the video to see if you want this before ordering.

TEST UPC: 430000435678

You can also see the FREE list here:
Compilation list of penny and clearance for Dollar General

If you run into trouble where it just seems stuck and it won't accept your payment, go through the steps in the photo right below this: