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February 19, 2018

New markdowns and a few pennies tomorrow at Dollar General!

We have a few items that are set to penny tomorrow at Dollar General, plus some new markdowns.

Tuesday, February 20th, there are a few items on the list that are set to penny. These will be put in the Penny Puss APP in the morning. We will try to get confirmation as soon as we can to update the app.

February 12, 2018

No new pennies that we know of for tomorrow at Dollar General.

There are no new pennies that we are aware of for tomorrow at Dollar General.

We have added quite a few newly found pennies to the Penny Puss App in the past week or so. Keep looking for the old pennies!

The Dollar General Clearance Event is over ... or is it?

Well, the Dollar General Clearance Event is officially over! Well, maybe.
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There are rumors going around that Dollar General has extended their Clearance Event for an additional week. We HAVE seen this in past years, but it is usually only SELECT stores and not all that participated. We won't know until people start checking in later today. The DG website clearance prices are back to normal ... and this may be an indication that it is only going to be for select stores now.

I am posting this because I know how fast rumors spread and I don't want people loading up on clearance without checking with their store.

I am going to also add here that the other categories like purple dot and fall clothes will also go back to full price.  They are not clearance, but may START their clearance markdown ... but will most likely NOT start at 50% ... this was a SALE.

February 9, 2018

Electronics list included with 50% off Clearance Event at Dollar General!

Well, as most of you know already, the Dollar General 3-day clearance event starts today!

Woo hoo! I am really excited to get a few things at great prices. I do not have tons of coupons, but I have a few of this and that ... and well, enough for what I want. I know some of you have huge binders, but that isn't me. Anyway, I put the list together of the electronics that should be 50% off through this event.

January 29, 2018

Dollar General HUGE penny list for Tuesday!

Pennies for Dollar General starting Tuesday, January 30, 2018
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This does not start until Tuesday morning!
1.  Hostess Mini Muffins – they may refuse sale if they are expired.
The Hostess Mini Muffins are FULL PRICE right now, not reduced at all … but should penny Tuesday.
Birthday Cake/Choc Chip/Blueberry  -0312 -0299 -1182
2.  Christmas with exceptions (trees and lighting are usually excluded).
Christmas Home
Christmas Candy & Baking
Holiday Air Care
The Penny Puss APP has over 270 Christmas items ALREADY in the app …
and, we are still working on adding!
We do not wait until AFTER it pennies, we add as we can.  These items are under the
Christmas 10¢ category in the Penny Puss APP right now.
Find our more at
Christmas Greeting Cards (not sure if this is the singles)
Christmas apparel
Remember that the Christmas items that have been excluded during the clearance process
are most likely STILL excluded. 
Penny Puss APP is the original DG penny shopping app with over 8600 items in it!

January 25, 2018

Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder ... updating with Christmas clearance!

For those of you with the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny finder, We want you to know that we are updating it with Christmas clearance that is 10¢ right now. Soon these items should penny ... but most are worth the 10¢ that they are now!  That, of course, is IF you can find anything!  At this price, people are loading up carts!
We use affiliate links and ads to help fund our site.

We have over 150 items in the Christmas/Holiday section already! I know it says 148, but some of the item entries have more than one upc ... and I will be adding more stuff as soon as this is posted.  The Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder is available for Android and Apple products.  You can see more at

There are a lot of items that do not look like Christmas that are being marked down and other items that do look like Christmas that are NOT being marked down.  You can always ask for a price-check here and there ... but after items penny, they can refuse a sale if you ask for price-checks and it's a penny.  You can see more about penny shopping at the informational links below.