February 12, 2018

Shea Moisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil only $1 (possibly less) after coupon at Dollar General.

Shea Moisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is on sale at Dollar General this week for $3 and only $1 after coupon!
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Eat'n Park $3 off $15 coupon!

Want a fish sandwich Friday! Eat'n Park has got you covered!  You don't have to get fish - it's just a suggestion!
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Eat'n Park just added a new coupon that you can print or download their app to use on your phone. You can also order online with the code if you would like. It's $3 off $15 purchase. Coupon is valid February 12-18 only.

Similasan product less than a dollar at Walmart with coupon!

Check your coupons! This coupon is due to expire on the 17th of February, and you know how much you hate to let good coupons go to waste!
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97¢ for Loreal Elvive Hair Treatment after coupon and Ibotta rebate!

If you didn't notice, in yesterday's newspaper there was a $4 off Loreal Elvive Hair Treatment coupon!
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There may be a deal somewhere else - and be sure to tell us if you find one! But right now, I see a good deal at Walmart for the Loreal Elvive Hair Treatment product. It sells for $5.97 - and you can get it for only 97¢ after the $4 off insert coupon and the Ibotta rebate. We also have a CVS scenerio below.  Here's how:

The Dollar General Clearance Event is over ... or is it?

Well, the Dollar General Clearance Event is officially over! Well, maybe.
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There are rumors going around that Dollar General has extended their Clearance Event for an additional week. We HAVE seen this in past years, but it is usually only SELECT stores and not all that participated. We won't know until people start checking in later today. The DG website clearance prices are back to normal ... and this may be an indication that it is only going to be for select stores now.

I am posting this because I know how fast rumors spread and I don't want people loading up on clearance without checking with their store.

I am going to also add here that the other categories like purple dot and fall clothes will also go back to full price.  They are not clearance, but may START their clearance markdown ... but will most likely NOT start at 50% ... this was a SALE.

February 9, 2018

Electronics list included with 50% off Clearance Event at Dollar General!

Well, as most of you know already, the Dollar General 3-day clearance event starts today!

Woo hoo! I am really excited to get a few things at great prices. I do not have tons of coupons, but I have a few of this and that ... and well, enough for what I want. I know some of you have huge binders, but that isn't me. Anyway, I put the list together of the electronics that should be 50% off through this event.