December 31, 2014

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(6) As Seen on TV products reduced to 70% at Dollar General in-store - YMMV

Six AS SEEN ON TV products have been reduced to 70% off at most Dollar Generals. A few people have reported that they are still only 50% at their locations, so YMMV.

The items are: 
Furniture Sliders 16 ct
Seat Pets, Tummy Stuffers
Go Go Pillows
Pocket Hose 50 ft
Mighty Sealer Clear 15 oz

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    October 31, 2014

    Dollar General Shopping Haul Store #3 yesterday! Penny and 50¢ items ... even 2 wooden cube organizers!

    Yesterday's 3rd haul from a Dollar General Store.  This store had red dots at 80% this week and they have now pennied out and have mostly been taken off the floor.  But, if you can find these items, you can get them at only a penny!

    Amazing that you can find items for just a penny anywhere!  You do have to study and know what you are looking for so as to not waste your time or the employees time.

    If you are treasure hunting for deals at the Dollar General, always remember to be kind and considerate.  Their job is NOT to clean up after you routing through stuff and making a mess!  I am stressing this because I have seen the mess some people leave in the store.  Don't be one of these people!

    With that said, please let us know what you find.  I love seeing what deals others get!

    October 30, 2014

    Dollar General Penny Haul (with one accidental exception). Store #2 today.

     This is the 2nd store that I went to this morning looking to see if they had any red dot or other "hidden" penny items. Only stores that were 80% off red dot last week are now at a penny. It is amazing how much stuff you can find for only a penny if you know what to look for.

    If you are new to  penny shopping, I have 3 step videos for basic understanding.  You can see them here: Penny Shopping at Dollar General. How to ...

    Also, don't forget that there is a $3 off $15 coupon available on to load to your coupons. Plus, other good coupons such as the $1.50 off Scott Paper Towels and $1.50 off All detergent. If you don't already have a digital coupon account, I would suggest that you sign up.  You can also check out the rest of my YouTube videos and subscribe to be notified of future videos!

    Dollar General mostly Penny shopping haul store #1 on 10/30.

     I went to 3 Dollar Generals this morning looking for penny items. I keep hearing rumors that they will end ... but until they do, I will be seeking them out! This haul was a grand total of only $1.10! Some nice little items ... great for gifts, stocking stuffers.

    Red dots have pennied at some stores, plus other "hidden" penny deals!

    Also, don't forget that there is a $3 off $15 coupon available on to load to your coupons. Plus, other good coupons such as the $1.50 off Scott Paper Towels and $1.50 off All detergent. If you don't already have a digital coupon account, I would suggest that you sign up. 

    If you are new to  penny shopping, I have 3 step videos for basic understanding.  You can see them here: Penny Shopping at Dollar General. How to ...

    You can also check out the rest of my YouTube videos and subscribe to be notified of future videos!

    October 29, 2014

    Dollar General Shopping Haul - clearance and penny items!

     There are some great markdowns out there for those of you who like shopping at Dollar General! Green dots are still 90%, Summer and Outdoor items also 90%, Red Dots are anywhere between 25% and a penny! Yes, a penny!

     Also, don't forget that there is a $3 off $15 coupon available on to load to your coupons. Plus, other good coupons such as the $1.50 off Scott Paper Towels and $1.50 off All detergent. If you don't already have a digital coupon account, I would suggest that you sign up.

    If you are new to  penny shopping, I have 3 step videos for basic understanding.  You can see them here: Penny Shopping at Dollar General. How to ...

    October 26, 2014

    Dollar General 80% and 90% off and even a couple penny items!

    I had a great run this week with the deals at Dollar General! 90% off swim toys, summer toys, and even swimming pools! Plus, they have 90% off green dot tags right now too! Red dots are anywhere between 25% to 80% off, depending on the store. I found a couple stores with the 80% off. So check out my video! Let me know what deals you find too! Have a great time shopping and looking for deals!

    October 20, 2014

    $2 khakis and cheap OTC meds after coupons!

    Kmart had some good deals on OTC meds today.  I took pics of the clearance items and then came home and searched for coupons in the Coupon Billie Coupon Database.  After dinner, I took the coupons that I printed and I went back.

    Also, they had men's Khaki pants (I believe it's their  store brand) for only $2!


    68¢ haul from Dollar General

     I went to Dollar General today looking for more of the little summer toys that are 90% off. I found a couple that I haven't found before - the light up ball and the light up fan. I also found a couple penny items!

    October 18, 2014

    Clearance haul from Staples plus FREE case of water!

    Click here: Free case of water - find out how.

    I got some really great deals at Staples today. Not a lot, but really great prices. Check out your Staples to see what they have on clearance!


    Mostly clearance haul from JCPenney.

    This is my mostly clearance haul from JCPenny yesterday.  A few dresses, a couple tops, pair of shoes ... and a couple really cute items for my nephew.

    If you enjoy seeing my great hauls, check out my youtube channel for other great hauls.

    PennyPuss on YouTube

    October 15, 2014

    Dollar General "clearance and a few penny items" haul

    Yesterday, Dollar General reduced it's swimming pools, swim toys, and summer toys to 90% off. There are some really great deals out there. I have some of the items including the pools still in the car. They will be included in Part 2.

    Lots of "hidden" deals ... I say hidden because they may be located in other sections of the store.

    I was really tired last night when I made this video, so please forgive me for the mess ups!


    I got a bunch of small items that were as low as 10¢ and will be giving some of that out for Halloween.  I'm still afraid that I don't have enough ... we get a LOT of kids.  I just hope that they are okay with the toys and no candy from us.

    September 27, 2014

    Penny Shopping at Dollar General. How to ...

    First off, YES, you really can buy stuff for a penny!

    Alright, now that I have made that clear ... LOL ... I will guide you on how to Penny Shop.  There are a few stores that have penny items, but the only store that I penny shop is Dollar General.

    Please watch these short informative videos that will help you understand the basics.  This will help you get a grasp of how to understand the tags as well as why there are penny items.

    After watching these videos, you can join our PennyPuss group on Facebook to see what other people have been finding.

    And, we'd appreciate if you'd like our PennyPuss Facebook page too.

    September 22, 2014

    New Dollar General Penny List plus where to find us on Facebook!

    I am surprised that items are still going to a penny, but delighted as well.

    If you car new to Penny Shopping at Dollar General, please be sure to check out our Step1, 2, and 3 videos on our YouTube page.  These will give you the basic understandings.  These videos can be found amongst my other videos here: Penny Puss YouTube channel

    Other information on where to find us is: Facebook page for Dollar General and other great deals and freebies: Penny Puss on Facebook

    Also, our Dollar General Penny and Clearance group on Facebook

    Come join us!

    FREE Tabasco at Dollar General if they carry the 2 oz size.

    FREE Tabasco at Dollar General if they carry the 2 oz size.

    Buy 1 2oz. Tabasco Sauce, $1.25
    Use (1) 50¢ off any Tabasco Sauce printable coupon 

    Plus submit for the 75¢ from Checkout 51
    Final Price is like FREE!

    Penny list for 9/22 for Dollar General (still unverified)

    Please note that we have acquired a list, but that we have not verified it yet.. We have posted it in our group, but will try to verify by later today. I always like to check multiple sources to be sure that it's correct information.  You can check back later today in our Dollar General Group: Facebook Penny group

    August 21, 2014

    Step 3: Understanding why the items are not in your store plus the latest markdowns to look for!!!

    The first part of this video explains why you may not have the clearance items in your stores.  I posted pictures in the 2nd half that should help you find items - even some hidden items. Remember to look EVERYWHERE!  Sometimes an item is on an end cap or top shelf where it's just been missed by others.

    Well, have fun shopping everyone!

    "Like" my Facebook page to get notification of upcoming videos.  Let me know you have any questions or anything you'd like me to explain.  I'll do my best.  PennyPuss on Facebook

    I think I forgot to mentions the graduation and amazing values.  Been up since 3:30 am.  Sorry about that.
    Here are the current clearance that is going on:
    Purple dot 10¢ and some hidden items 10¢ also
    Blue Box (with circles) Amazing Value items 10¢
    Graduation 90% off YMMV
    Seeds 90% off YMMV
    Memorial flowers 90% off 
    Green dots 25-50% off depending on your store.

    Here is video 1 and 2 if you missed them: 
    Dollar General Penny Shopping: Step 1 "Understanding the Tags" 
    Dollar General Penny Shopping: Step 2 "Why the items go to a penny, a dime, a quarter ..."

    and the following is Step 3:  "Why doesn't my DG have these items plus the latest markdowns from 8/19."

    August 20, 2014

    Dollar General Penny Shopping - Step 2 "Why the items go to a penny, or dime, or quarter ..."

    This is another very basic video to get you to understand the process behind the discounts and "penny shopping".

    Here is the 1st Step if you missed it: Dollar General Penny Shopping: Step 1 to understanding the tags.

    And then  here is the 2nd:  (Please view them all if you are new and want to penny shop, it really helps to understand the basics first.)  I hope you find this helpful!

     Also you can find me on Facebook here:

    Dollar General Penny Shopping: Step 1, A look at the tags ...

    Since so many people seem to be having trouble understand penny shopping at Dollar General, I have decided to do a series of basic videos. They may seem silly to some, but to a new penny shopper, I am hoping it will clear up simple questions. If you want to ask questions AFTER watching the video, please comment on my Facebook page if possible. I'd really appreciate feedback as if this is helpful or not.


    "Like" us on Facebook!

    This weeks markdowns.

    I just posted a quick post on my Facebook page yesterday about the newly discounted items.  I was really busy, so I have not done a video or pictures yet.  But, if you look at the last video with the purple dots and other items that discounted with the purple dots, they are now only 10¢!

    The Amazing Values items (some items shown below) that were 25¢ are also now 10¢.  Most of the discounted ones have the circle design on the top of them so as not to confuse them with the newer batch of Amazing Values.

    Seeds including starter sets (not grass seed) are 90¢ off.  I got some nice little herb kits that were originally $6 for only 60¢.  These will make really nice gifts.

    August 13, 2014

    Nice big storage bins for a penny and tall laundry baskets for a quarter and more.

    Black and gold storage bins were only a penny!  Tall green laundry baskets were 25¢, plus shower curtains that are a 25¢ and I show you the UPC so you can write them down and find them easier!

    Good luck and have fun shopping! Like and follow us on FACEBOOK so that you know what the next hot deals are!


    August 12, 2014

    Dollar General quarter items! Big haul!

    I went to 7 different Dollar Generals today to find stuff. Was a good day! There were lots of other little frames, vases, nicknacks, and such ... but some things I just didn't want. Hope this video is helpful in your quest for great prices!!! Happy shopping and thanks for watching!

    August 2, 2014

    Kmart haul - and how to find unadvertised deals!

    Before I tell you about this, make sure you are signed up for ShopYourWay Rewards and sign up to allow them to email you!  I received a $15 off $30 home purchase coupon!  They have pretty good coupons, you just have to be sure you are buying the correct category.

    Total was around $56 before promos, points, and coupons.

    $5/3 Downy P&G coupon from prior Sunday insert
    $5 off coupon from prior purchase for the Downy/Tide (Kmart coupon)
    $15 off $30 in surprise points for Home purchase
    $5 points from prior purchase for the Downy/Tide
    (I think some of the tax must have come off too.)

    I saved $30 ... paying only $23.58
    and I got another $5 purchase coupon for Kmart
    and will get 5000 ($5 worth) of points added to my acct 24 hours later!

    Here is a link to Kmart (Belle Vernon only) Overstock items.  This link may or may not work for other areas, it might since I think you need to be logged in to see the sales.  Let me know if you try!  These are mostly prices in-store and are temporary price drops.   Some you can order online and get in-store pick up to save on shipping: You might have to sign in and come back to click through this link to see the prices, not sure.  Local Kmart overstock with temporary price-drops.

    When I say "secret" they are not visible when you search the Kmart website unless you go through this link.

    Here are a couple good deals that I saw:

    I bought the last 2 of the Anchor Hocking 9-pc Ovenware sets yesterday, but you can still order this online for in-store pickup.  No shipping fee if you pick it up in store!

    July 29, 2014

    New Dollar General Penny items!!!

    Any of the electronics from this post 90% off electronics haul, if you can find these items in your store, they will now be 1¢ each!  Yes, one penny.

    I only found 6 of the remote controls this morning, but mostly because I cleared out the local stores when they were 90% off.

    They are select electronics with green diamond shape under the price and some with blue stars under the price.  There are a few exceptions.

    The Uniden headphones have to be the ones with a $15 price tag on them.

    Great deal on Tide and Downy at Kmart this week!

    Get $10 value when you buy 3 Tide, Downy, or Hanes products.  Some exclusions.  See ad for details.

    Scenario #1:
    Buy (3) Downy for $15 ($5 each)
    Use $5/3 coupon from todays P&G insert.
    Pay $10 (+tax)
    Get a coupon for $5 off $5 or more coupon (good starting next day after purchase and is good for 2 weeks.)
    Also, get $5 back in points (added 24 hours later to your acct.)

    Scenario #2:
    Buy (3) 16 ct Tide Pods $15 ($5 each)
    Use (3) $2 off Tide Pods coupon from 7/06 P&G
    Pay $9 (+tax)
    Get a coupon for $5 off $5 or more coupon (good starting next day after purchase and is good for 2 weeks.)
    Also, get $5 back in points (added 24 hours later to your acct.)

    ******There is also a rebate that if you spend $30 (after coupons and discounts) you can get $10 back!!!
    P&G Rebate From - printable

    July 22, 2014

    New 90% off items at Dollar General for 7/22

    I went to a handful of stores and this is what I found.  Many items were either sold out already or maybe the stores never had some of the products to begin with.  As always though, I am happy with what I did find.

    This was my first attempt at subtitles, I think I need to figure out how to keep them on a little longer.  I don't think I can redo this one, unfortunately.


    90% off these As Seen on TV items: 
    Glow Crazy Doodle Dome 
    X Hose 
    Bacon Wave 
    Flashight Friends 
    Ionic Maxx 
    Who Knew Book 
    Kitchen Secrets Book 
    Perfect Polly 
    Turbo Roaster 
    Top Styler

    July 16, 2014

    90% off Dollar General haul

    I got some really good deals at the Dollar General yesterday.

    Kmart and Rite Aid Clearance

    You can find the coupons you are looking for here in CouponBillie's coupon database:

    July 10, 2014

    Kmart double coupons this week. Some free and awesome deals! Ends 7/12 (updated with new video)

    Kmart is having a double coupon promotion through July 12.

    You can double 5 coupons up to $2 each day (example: $2 becomes $4 - it will not exceed the price of the item though)
    You can only have 4 of the same coupon.
    You must be a Rewards member to get the double coupons.

    Kmart 7/9 ...

    Kmart 7/10 ...

    Kmart 7/11 ...

    Kmart 7/12 ...

    Poise liners 26 ct $2.99
    $2 off Poise liners - printable
    FREE after doubled coupon.

    Utz chips on sale for $2.50
    75¢ off Utz chips - you might have to change the zip code to 30044. - printable
    $1 after doubled coupon.

    Select Keebler crackers $2.99 - printable
    1000 points for $1.50 off Keebler cracker or cookies
    FREE after doubled coupon.

    Pure and Natural hand soap $4-$4.99
    $1.50 off any Pure and Natural product

    Command product - varies
    $1 off any Command product - printable
    as low as $1 after doubled coupon.

    Speed Stick Gear Deodorant $3.99
    $2.00 off Speed Stick GEAR Deodorant or Body Spray
    FREE after doubled coupon.

    $2.00 off Speed Stick GEAR Deodorant or Body Spray

    Seattle's Best ground coffee $6.99 12 oz bag
    $2.99 after doubled coupon (mine was free since it was on clearance)

    Looking for other coupons, search in the Coupon Database:

    June 24, 2014

    Dollar Tree shopping haul

    Nothing pennied out at the Dollar General, so I needed to get my Tuesday shopping fix at the Dollar Tree! LOL You never know what you will find at the Dollar Tree. I used to only go for gift bags and such, but they have some pretty good stuff come through at times.

    FREE Fish and Fries at Long John Silvers on June 28

     Be sure to get their during the 4 hour window to get your free fish and fries!

    June 20, 2014

    Walmart clearance going on.

    Walmart is having a bunch of clearance going on.  I bought jewelry craft items for as low as 50¢.  Check out your local Walmart and see what they have on clearance.

    There was a lot of other stuff too including bedding, houseware stuff, and sporting goods.

    My Goodwill Jewelry Haul

    I bought a reasonably priced bag of jewelry at the local Goodwill and got some really nice items.

    June 14, 2014

    FREE Right Guard Xtreme Deodorant at Dollar General! Might have to pay pennies for tax depending on your state.

    $2.00 off two Right Guard Xtreme Deodorant
    Some of the Dollar General's have this deodorant in the $1 aisle. I have only found it in 2 of the stores where I looked..  Check your local Dollar General and see if they have this.


    Dollar General penny clothing!

    I have noticed lately that things that look similar to items that are pennied out at Dollar General seem to be put in places that they don't belong and sometimes are just throw around. As penny shoppers, we need to respect the store and the employees. It is not their job to clean up after us. I try to leave the store better than it was when I went in. Also, if you are penny shopping, do your homework. Take screen shots and write things down. When you go to the register you should be almost certain your items are a penny, not just try this and than. Be courteous.

    June 10, 2014

    More Dollar General penny items.

     Sorry it took so long, as I've been really busy. Let me know what you find!

    June 3, 2014

    Dollar General Penny items June 3, 2014

    Here is a link to my latest penny finds at Dollar General.  You may or may not have such good luck, but I shop more than one and sometimes find very little.  I was really lucky today though!

    Part 1 of June 3 penny items.


    I will add Part 2 sometime tomorrow.  Just a bit tired tonight.
    Comment with any questions!

    May 9, 2014

    35¢ haul from Walmart!

    Ha!  See my total - it's 35¢!  
    Although it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped.  The cashier manager had to do an override because they said with their new coupon policy they have to okay any coupons over $5 total.  I don't see a new policy on Walmart's website yet, but I'm crossing my fingers that it isn't too strict.  
    Tampax coupon is from inside a previous package, but there was also a coupon for $2.50/2 in 5/4 P&G newspaper insert.
    Also, remember that clearance varies by store.  Good luck and let us know what clearance you are finding!
    Anyway, here is a short video of my morning haul.  Remember to always check the clearance and then see if you can locate coupons to match.  You can search the COUPON DATABASE to see if you can find matching coupons.  I usually snap some pics with my cell phone so that I know what was there and the prices.