October 18, 2014

Clearance haul from Staples plus FREE case of water!

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I got some really great deals at Staples today. Not a lot, but really great prices. Check out your Staples to see what they have on clearance!


Mostly clearance haul from JCPenney.

This is my mostly clearance haul from JCPenny yesterday.  A few dresses, a couple tops, pair of shoes ... and a couple really cute items for my nephew.

If you enjoy seeing my great hauls, check out my youtube channel for other great hauls.

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October 15, 2014

Dollar General "clearance and a few penny items" haul

Yesterday, Dollar General reduced it's swimming pools, swim toys, and summer toys to 90% off. There are some really great deals out there. I have some of the items including the pools still in the car. They will be included in Part 2.

Lots of "hidden" deals ... I say hidden because they may be located in other sections of the store.

I was really tired last night when I made this video, so please forgive me for the mess ups!


I got a bunch of small items that were as low as 10¢ and will be giving some of that out for Halloween.  I'm still afraid that I don't have enough ... we get a LOT of kids.  I just hope that they are okay with the toys and no candy from us.