June 23, 2016

ADDITIONAL 50% off Comfort Bay ALREADY REDUCED purple dot this week only - making the final price between 70-75% off. YMMV.

Sorry that I took so long to get this posted.  But if you look at this weeks Dollar General ad flyer, you will see that it says "additional 50% off all Comfort Bay Clearance."  This seems to be working only on the purple dot clearance, not the discontinued 10% off items.

So, it must be PURPLE DOT and it must be COMFORT BAY brand to get the additional 50% off.  In other words, the purple dot Comfort Bay is ringing up between 70-75%.

I was looking to get some towels, but couldn't find any.  I did find a bunch of washcloth packs for between 65¢ and 75¢ - it depended on the store clearance percentage.

One store was 40% off purple dots and the other was 50% off purple dot.

The $2.50 washcloths at the 40% off store would be $1.50 ... then you take the additional 50% off making them 75¢

The $2.50 washcloths at the 50% off store would be $1.25 ... then you take the addtional 50% off making them 62¢.


There are other Comfort Bay purple dot out there too ... I spied a comforter in one store, but it was for a queen bed.  I have a king-size bed.  There are also rugs.  Not sure what else you may find - shower curtains?  Anyway, go check it out - it's through Satuday (June 25) only.  


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