June 27, 2016

New markdowns for Dollar General tomorrow.

Unfortunately, there are no new pennies for tomorrow.  There are a few increases in clearance percentages though, but others will stay the same.

In the past couple weeks, we have had some surprise pennies, so keep a look out on our page for any changes.

Just in case you didn't know, we do have a Penny Shopping App available at a nominal fee. 
You can read about it here: Penny Puss Penny Shopping App for Dollar General
It's not perfect by any means.  We update as we get info, but we don't always get the upc's or pictures.  It is a one-time fee ... and if you get a new phone, you just get it out of your Amazon account, because you already own it.  Unfortunately, it is NOT for iphones.

If you are new to penny shopping, be sure to check out the Basics link.

Happy shopping!


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