June 26, 2016

Wow! 49¢ DVD Movies at Dollar General!

I happened upon these accidentally today!  My husband said that he has been looking "Hank Williams The Show He Never Gave" for a few years now, so he dropped it in the shopping cart.  It rang up only 49¢!  So, the lady who rung my order said she'd check the other ones for me.  She was super nice!  I got 10 movies altogether ... just 1 of each title that scanned for 49¢.

Some stores might not have these, but it seems to be all the ones that are premarked as $1.95.  I have put the UPC's of the ones that I found in the Penny Puss Penny Finder App and they are fully searchable.

Here are the ones that I got:

And this is an example of how it will look in the app, so not to be confused with penny items.

There may be additional titles, but these are the only ones that I found.  I only went to 1 store.


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