July 11, 2016

Dollar General Penny Shopping List for July 12.

I hope everyone has a good day shopping tomorrow!  
Be sure to pay close attention to detail.

You can screenshot these on your phone to make it easier.

Old lists are found here: 

There are many items that look similar or are exactly the same as the penny items, you need to figure out which ones they are. This is accomplished by going through the lists, studying other people's hauls, reading comments, taking screen shots, and so forth.  If an items does NOT ring up a penny, then it is NOT a penny.  Just because you saw it somewhere on the internet or in the app does not mean they have to give it to you for a penny ... items reset to full price sometimes!!!

The items that are pennied, are supposed to be pulled from the shelves, but the employees sometimes miss items. If the item is on the shelf and you take it to the register, they are supposed to sell it to you though. They do not, however, let you go back to get more.

Please be polite and considerate to the store employees. Do not tear up a store looking for penny items. If you are just starting out, I ask that you watch this one video which is a bit of the basics to help you get started: Here is the most updated list that we have.  Remember that penny shopping is never guaranteed! Some items vary by location or store and some items may reset back to full price.  This is just a guide of confirmed past items at Dollar General stores.


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