July 28, 2016

UPDATED expanded list of items that pennied on July 26th at Dollar General. #pennyshopping

We have compiled an updated list on purple dot items that have pennied.  There have been a few exclusions.

A small bud vase with the words "live love laugh" was full price as were any of the adult hangers that have purple dot.  The child purple dot hangers did penny.

Also, with the lime green star scrubs, there seems to be one style that is pink with peace signs and the words "love" and "xoxo" - and the small, medium, and large in this pattern are full price.  Other green star scrubs are a penny.

Remember too, that new items will most likely come out soon with these same symbols as full price.  Dollar General recycles their coded tags.

Here are the lists of the penny items.  Note that there are probably more upc's than this .. as we find things we add to the Penny Puss Penny Shopping APP, but this list will probably not be updated again as it does contain most of the items for this past Tuesday.

The digits are the last 5 of the upc numbers.

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