August 27, 2016

Are you sick of coupons printing that you didn't select?

I don't know about you, but this really irks me!  I print coupons that I want.  Ink is expensive and unwanted coupons just lead to more garbage ... and waste!  I have only noticed this practice on - so the petition is for them to change.

It's bad enough when we select and print coupons that we don't end up using, but having them forced upon us ... well, it just seems wrong.  We are trying to SAVE money, not spend more.


I have started a petition to stop the practice of pre-clipping coupons and even lately, just printing coupons without knowing.  There are so many rules now about advertising, I can't believe that there isn't something about forcing or deceptively getting customers to waste ink and paper on coupons that they don't want.

I actually quit going to one of my favorite websites because every page I would land on would pre-clip coupons on

If you agree with me and want to see this practice stop, please sign the petition.
Thank you!


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